About Us

Aspires To Create
A Sustainable World

Solar United Network PTE. Ltd. (SUN Group) aspires to create a sustainable world that will allow us and the future generations to enjoy life on earth happier and longer. We can achieve that by minimizing the burning of fossil fuel to reduce global warming, cutting enough trees annually that can be regrown, or even designing energy-efficient building involving renewable enery as its main power source. Yet no matter how big our dream is, we will never be able to transform our world to be sustainable alone.

We believe that all kinds of collaborations will bring enough impact to create a sustainable world that we aspire.

Vision & Mission

Using Innovative And Latest Technology For Energy

“We believe in the collaboration to save the earth”


To be the leading renewable energy player in South East Asia, trusted by customers, employees, society and other stakeholders


Our mission is to provide green energy solutions to compliment or substitute the world’s current energy source


Berau Coal

We started the business by providing green energy power system at PT Berau Coal Energy.

KAT Birang

We also provided electricity to the area that previously had no access to electricity in Birang.

First 10 MW

Our renewable energy business line for industrial and commercial sector has completed its first 10 MWp projects using a lease-funding financial model.

Asian Games

We are delighted to support ASIAN Games 2018 by installing 32 solar charging stations at various sports facilities.


We provided our first hybrid sources for solar energy for water pumping facilities in oil palm plantations.

Sinarmas Land

We scored the contract deal for solar panels installation of 24 MWp for Sinarmas Land.

ISO Certified

>We are ISO certified, including Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Project North, Thailand

We acquired 17 MWp solar farm project in Thailand, this marks our first installation project in Southeast Asia.

Merredin Solar Farm

We are delighted to have acquired Merredin Solar Farm, the largest solar farm of 132 MWp in Western Australia.

Series A Funding

Our industrial and commercial business line managed to secure series A funding from several Indonesia& most prominent entrepreneurs.

Why is Solar Energy Better?

A clean, renewable and unlimited energy source
A way of reducing carbon emission and pollutione
An affordable and cost-effective system
A promise of a better future and Increase company value


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