Bank Mandiri and SUN Group Sign Memorandum of Understanding on Green Financing and Expand Utilization of Rooftop PLTS System

Bank Mandiri and the SUN Group agreed to sign a memorandum of understanding for a competitive green financing solution through an innovative structure, as well as collaboration to expand the utilization of the Rooftop PV mini-grid system. This joint commitment shows the seriousness of Bank Mandiri and the SUN Group to support the government’s decarbonization target by 2060.

This program is a form of Bank Mandiri’s support for the achievement of the national energy mix of 23% by 2025. The achievement of the national energy mix, as it is known, requires synergy and collaboration from all stakeholders. Solar power as a new renewable energy source is considered to be one of the options for accelerating the target mix.

Bank Mandiri is strongly committed to implementing sustainable finance practices by preparing a Sustainable Finance Action Plan (RKAB) which is implemented through 3 (three) strategic pillars, namely sustainable banking, sustainable operations and sustainable corporate social responsibility and financial inclusion. One of the initiatives in the sustainable banking pillar is financing to sustainable sectors such as New and Renewable Energy. Bank Mandiri also hopes to continue to support government programs to explore and utilize the potential of New and Renewable Energy which is quite large in Indonesia and to support the achievement of sustainable development goals or Sustainable Development Goals.

“By holding fast to the vision of SUN Energy, which is to invite as many Indonesians as possible to use clean energy through solar power installations, we continue to strive to provide integrated solutions that focus on consumer needs. As a pioneer in providing a financing model without investment for entrepreneurs to have PLTS Roof since 2018, we have succeeded in providing cost optimization of the cost of using electrical energy to tens of consumers up to 30% every month. To support the government’s target in accelerating Indonesia’s energy transition, the SUN Group has also expanded new business lines, namely SUNterra which penetrates the retail or residential segment, SUN Solutions which focuses on innovation and development of solar power products using cutting-edge technology, and SUN Mobility takes a role in the electric vehicle industry ecosystem. In order to realize the zero carbon emission target and accelerate the energy transition, SUN Energy needs synergy from business partners such as Bank Mandiri who have the same vision so that clean energy can be used by all levels of society, “said Evy Susanty as Chief Financial Officer of SUN Group.

This strategic relationship also ensures that the SUN Group can continue to innovate to complement the renewable energy ecosystem to meet the growing demand for rooftop solar power generation systems (PLTS). Starting 2022, in January SUN Energy and SUNterra have received an increase in requests for installation of PLTS Roof systems by more than 30% compared to January 2021, both from the commercial, industrial, and retail consumer sectors.

“What makes us very happy is that this form of collaboration with Bank Mandiri has also been expanded through initiatives to expand the use of Rooftop Solar Power Plants for Bank Mandiri, customers, and the general public more broadly,” said Dion Jefferson, Chief Commercial Officer of SUN Energy. Several collaborative programs to expand the use of PLTS Rooftops include the installation of a PV mini-grid system and special programs for Mandiri employees, marketing campaigns for Bank Mandiri customers, energy literacy for millennials, as well as plans for social responsibility activities in the field of new and renewable energy. Thus, the acceleration of the energy transition to create a greener Indonesia is manifested in concrete actions.

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